Enrollment Procedure

Summer Theatre Camp Enrollment Procedure and Important information.

  1. Fill out an application (for each child) & return with full payment, medical information.
  2. Orientations will be held at the Yorktown Jewish Center.
    • Orientations:
      • Wednesday, June 17th 4pm-7pm
        • Junior Camp A
        • Junior Camp B
        • Combo Camp – Ages 6-11
      • Wednesday, June 24th 4pm -7pm
        • Teen Camp A
        • Teen Camp B
        • Combo Camp – Ages 12-14
      • Parents: Please understand that when enrolling your camper into KJK Theatre Camp, you are enrolling them into a theatrical team “experience”. Every camper and every part matters.
      • All participants are accepted to our program.
      • In each session production, most of the character roles are divided to spread the experience among our participants.
      • There is no orientation for parents.
      • All campers must attend the entire orientation period.
      • Past camp participants must attend the orientation.
      • No child will be permitted to attend the orientation unless payment is made in full.
      • Junior camp participants must prepare 16 bars (small segment) of any song from the shows we are doing, a Disney show or show music. They can also bring sheet music for their own song selection. Please no pop/radio music.
      • Teen Workshop participants must prepare a one-minute memorized monologue/expressive reading or improvisation and 16 bars of any song. Please bring sheet music if not singing from shows we are doing. Please no pop/radio music or Disney.
  1. Script/role assignment.
    • Junior Camp A – First day of camp
    • Teen Camp A – Thursday, June 25th
    • Junior Camp B – First day of camp
    • Teen Camp B – Monday, July 20th
    • Combo Camp – First day of camp
  • * Please make sure that we have an email address for camper and parent! *
  1. Workshop sessions times:
    • Junior Camp A – 9:00am – 3:00pm
    • Teen Camp A – 9:30am – 4:00pm
    • Junior Camp B – 9:00am – 3:00pm
    • Teen Camp B – 9:30am – 4:00pm
    • Combo Camp – 9:00am – 3:00pm


  1. Drop Off/Pickup
    (We ask you to please cooperate to reduce traffic congestion and prevent traffic problems)

    • Junior Camp A – drop off 8:45-9:00am, pickup 2:45-3:00pm
    • Teen Camp A – drop off 9:15-9:30am, pickup 3:45-4:00pm
    • Junior Camp B – drop off 8:45-9:00am, pickup 2:45-3:00pm
    • Teen Camp B – drop off 9:15-9:30am, pickup 3:45-4:00pm
    • Combo Camp – drop off 8:45-9:00am, pickup 2:45-3:00pm


  1. Extended Hours:
    • We have extended hours for all camps available. However, we must have people interested in order to provide this service, so please indicate if you would like extra hours on the application.
      • The early hours start at 7:45am and MUST be arranged with the KJK Staff.
      • The late hours go until 6:00pm and MUST be arranged with the KJK Staff.
  1. Tickets to final performance
  2. Tickets for all performances are $12 for front center seats, and $10 for rear center and side seats. All ticket sales for our camp performances will be done online through our ticketing program.
  3. Each camper will receive one complimentary Summer 2020 t-shirt. Junior and Combo campers may use these shirts for tie-dye day.
  4. They will also receive one full cast picture from the day of the show. Additional production pictures can be purchased directly from the photographer.

In order to comply with the rules of our rental agreement at the Yorktown Jewish Center, we ask all of our participants to bring a meatless, healthful lunch and snack each day.