About Us

Our Mission

The mission of KJK Productions is to enrich, entertain and educate the community through exceptional but affordable theatrical arts and resources.

Who We Are

1982 marked our first year as Yorktown’s only theater camp, with over 80 campers in our first production of The Sound of Music.  Every summer since then, we’ve continued to educate hundreds of children through our theater camp productions.  Our mission to educate children has grown extensively in the succeeding years and includes being fortunate enough to bring theater to local schools that haven’t had existing programs and expanding the number of children whose lives we’ve touched. We work with over 2,000 students and campers each year through all of our programs.

We take pride in the saying, “There are no small roles.” Our program strives to educate children about the importance of acceptance, self-worth, and teamwork. Each of our productions split up the roles in order for all of our participants to get their moment in the spotlight. We teach our performers that everyone has an important part to play and that putting a show together is truly a team effort.

Our summer camp and after-school theatre programs are only two pieces of our company. It is our daily vision to enrich the quality of life throughout Westchester County by:

  • Presenting innovative and entertaining theatre experiences which are recognized artistically and popularly.
  • Engaging and welcoming audiences from all the diverse segments of our community with multi-faceted programming through Main Stage and other performances.
  • Providing entertainment, in unique and traditional settings, that foster an appreciation for the arts.
  • Inspiring and helping children make theatre an active part of their lives.
  • Providing opportunities for those who create the theatrical experience to express their art, entertain an audience, and receive the appreciation their efforts deserve.
  • Fostering an enthusiastic, respected and hard working corps of individuals who serve as staff, volunteers and Board members.
  • Encouraging collaborations with various organizations that are innovative, effective and mutually beneficial.
  • Being a thriving organization that is fiscally sound, and also reserves to support its programming.

Board of Directors

Governing Board

  • Linda Bosco
    Gina Frye
    Valerie Stern
    Trish Sullivan Rothberg
    Lia Veley